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GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate Program

Apply to become a GOMAGEAR® Ambassador Affiliate.

Get exclusive discounts, earn a 10% sales commission, and gain access to various opportunities that GOMAGEAR® offers.

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Application

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

Earn some cash and help empower your community.

At GOMAGEAR®, we started this Ambassador Affiliate Program to put marketing dollars in the hands of our customers and supporters instead of useless social media advertising. We want to reward our most loyal customers and members with first access to all our new apparel at an exclusive discount while helping them make 10% commission on every purchase they make possible.

There are no purchase or minimum followers required to become a GOMAGEAR® Ambassador.

We just want a team of awesome people like you who believe in our mission to spread powerful messages around bringing goals to life, love and good mental health into the whole universe.

The most important factor we look for in a GOMAGEAR® Ambassador Affiliate is the quality of their content on Instagram and/or TikTok and/or Twitter and/or YouTube, etc. We do not focus too much on what you look like, even though it can also be helpful, just that you take great photos and videos. All genders and sizes are welcome as long as you are 18+.

For those under 18 years of age, have your parents or guardians email us at info@gomagear.com for the Parental Consent or Agreement.

Once accepted, you will receive a welcome email with all the info you need to get started so you can use your first discount and treat yourself with all the GOMAGEAR® items that you would love to show off. From there you will receive regular behind the scenes content on the creation of new products, contests or challenges as well as access to GOMAGEAR® Model Calls.

The GOMAGEAR® Model Calls are opportunities where you can throw your hat in the ring to get freebies which include free clothes, etc. These images should be of higher quality and aligning with all our photography requirements that we will be listing below in order to be approved. We typically like to call 3 models per outfit and approve at least 2 to 5 photos from each person.

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

You are on your way to becoming a paid GOMAGEAR® Ambassador Affiliate in 4 steps:

1. Apply and we will review your social for approval.

You will get approved if you have a public account, are 18+ or had your parents/guardians email us for the GOMAGEAR® Parental Consent or Agreement if you are under 18 years of age, have great quality content. All genders and sizes are welcome.

2. Get approved to use your first discount code.

A welcome email will be sent to you with all the details you need to get started, plus a discount code to go shopping with.

3. Create great content and post away for commissions.

Follow the below guidelines to help make more sales. Use your referral link to earn a commission once you hit $20+ USD, that will be paid to you via PayPal.

4. Get access to GOMAGEAR® Model Calls for free clothes and other opportunities.

You get your first access on all new GOMAGEAR® apparel and can be chosen to become a paid model for us and gain a feature you on our platform, etc.

Join The GOMAGEAR® Nation

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR® Photography requirements for approval:
  • Use a pro camera if you have it or make sure you are using the highest quality resolution on your mobile phone.
  • Selfies of you holding your phone can cover up the graphic, instead, use a timer or have someone help you with the shoot.
  • Use bright natural light so we can see the details of your face and the apparel or product.
  • Always make sure the apparel or product above all else is in focus, blurry art does not sell well.
  • Try not to cover up any of the hand lettered graphics with hair or outerwear so each phrase is easily read.
  • For flatlays, make sure there is enough contrast in the background for the apparel or product to pop. For example, do not put a white shirt on a light background.

GOMAGEAR® Promotion guidelines for better engagement:
  • Post only tall photos, so they fill up more space on people's phones.
  • Zoom into photos so you can see the graphic or artwork clearly, so it is the main focus of the image.
  • Include the price (if possible), product details and where to go make their purchase.
  • Mention that you get a commission, so people are more likely to use your link to help support you.
  • Use at least 15 hashtags when you post that include the subject matter of the graphic or artwork.
  • Promote each product a few times to your audience. On the average only 3% of your audience sees your content.

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International

GOMAGEAR Ambassador Affiliate | GOMAGEAR International


GOMAGEAR® | GOMAGEAR® International

GOMA stands for Goals And Options With A Mindset Of Achievers,

Bring Goals To Life!

Clothing And Gears For The Motivated; To Elevate, Empower And Inspire.

Become An Achiever Today.

You Are Never Young Nor Old To Have Goals In Life With Options And A Mindset Of Success And Achievement.

We See That In Each And Every Person And We Make Sure You Know How Unique And Gifted You Are, With Our Clothing And Gears We Spread The Message, We Just Wanted To Let You Know Today, You Have To Start Believing In Yourself From Now On, Because We Do Believe In YOU And Your Capabilities / Power To Bring "Your" Goals To Life!

Wear Our Clothing And Gears With Confidence And Join Our Community To Help Many Realize How Powerful They Are And Together We Will Bring GOALS To Life One Person After Another, One Nation After Another!

Thank You For Supporting GOMAGEAR® | GOMAGEAR® International


General Size Guide

Long & Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Shirts, Jackets & Polo Shirts

SizeTo fitChest Size


Shipping Rates:

International Shipping Available: Check The Rates On The Shipping Page. (Free Shipping Promo For Limited Time).

- USA and Canada - Rest Of The World (ROW)

Estimated Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days For USA and Canda 5-7 Business Days For The Rest Of The World (ROW)

Returns Policy

We guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our customers/clients. Is there any issue with your item? We offer 30 days free returns for exchange of the same item if defect or another item of the same value, no questions asked.

Pack your item (with its original packaging and tags intact) together with the returns slip into your custom delivery package. Then simply drop the package off at your nearest Post Office branch.

For more information, check out our FAQ and Return Policy.

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